MINI Pixie Wings

Length Appx 22.5 cm tip to tip
Height Appx 5cm from the bottom of
middle peak to the top
Material Polyester
Colour Availability over 17 Colours
Bulk Ordering Available
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$3.75 inc GST

MINI Pixie Wings

Our lace Mini Pixie WIngs are made from polyester. This helps them stand up for that Pixie Wing look you know so well. Polyester is extremely durable. Your creativity is the only boundary with our lace Pixie Wings. They attach well to all our basic items such as bodysuits & tops.

** During shipping your Pixie Wings may get squashed or appear crumpled. To fix this, turn your wings over (shiny side down) and Iron on low heat.

Pixie Wings can also be known as Ruffle Sleeve, Pixie Sleeve, Flutter Sleeve and Angel Wings. 

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Our Care Instructions

  • Do not soak
  • Hand wash or gentle machine wash on cold in a bra bag
  • Do not tumble dry
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