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  • Media used by HMS on the HMS website or it’s domains and social media accounts are not to authorised for re-use or modification. Modification includes but is not limited to – Cropping an image, changing the colours, removing or altering the HMS watermark or trimming video
  • Authority must be provided from HMS before any media can be used, said media will be provided by HMS once authority has been granted
  • The HMS watermark must not be removed or altered in anyway unless agreed by HMS
  • HMS images are not authorised for use on or any other Amazon Market places.
  • HMS images cannot be used to sell products that have not been purchased from HMS. This does not include where you have purchased a product from HMS and altered to create a new product.
  • HMS will remove the HMS watermark at its discretion. However, all media supplied will have a watermark “used with permission” or “© J Keene”  on the image
  • The “used with permission” or “© J Keene” watermark must not be removed, altered, cropped out or modified in any way.
  • HMS reserves the right to revoke authorisation of any usage at any time without notice.
  • If authorisation has been revoked, all media must be removed from any website or social media and deleted from any storage online and offline within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed. Any printed media must also be destroyed.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions of media usage will result in the maximum action allowed under law.